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Anthericum saundersiae variegata 'STARLIGHT'
(Plant Breeders Rights ZA20145576 Propagation prohibited)

Anthericum saundersiae variegata starlight

Also known as Chlorophytum saundersiae 'variegata', Anthericum ‘Starlight’ is a highly prized plant because it is one of a few variegated plants, indigenous to South Africa, which can be used to lighten dull areas in the shade or sun, create contrasts and focal points, having a vibrant grass like texture, as well as being easy to grow and suited to a wide range of conditions.

Anthericum Starlight Label

Anthericum Starlight flowersAnthericum Starlight inflorescence

The flower stalk is totally ‘albino’ or devoid of chlorophyll. The flowers are profuse at the end of each flower stalk, white, with 6 petals opening to a star shape up to 20mm diameter, followed by a round seed capsule of 5 to 10mm diameter. The seeds from these white flower stalks are STERILE, so it will not become a problem by propagating itself as they don't germinate. Flowers are present all year round.

Starlight planted in a border line
Mass planting with Starlight in exposed position

In Landscaping, it can be planted by itself as a feature plant, in pots, or mass planted. It contrasts well with dark green, grey or purple and red leaves. Starlight strengthens the colours of flowers planted around it. It looks especially good when planted amoungst wild plants to create a natural landscape. Its vibrant grasslike texture lends itself to Contemporary Landscape Design.

Starlight in shadeStarlight protected by wallStarlight in pot

Starlight landscapingStarlight in South African Indigenous planting

This is an evergreen rhizomatous plant that grows as tall as 750mm, growing into a multi stemmed clump. It is suited to an aspect from full sun to light shade. It prefers regular watering to keep it looking fresh, although it is drought resistant. It is not fussy about soil types but prefers a nutrient rich medium. The more you feed and water it, the better it will look. It is frost hardy and can be completely unaffected by a light frost, but the leaves can be burnt by severe frost. If the leaves are burnt completeley from temperatures as low as -15 degrees Centigrade, the plant will regrow from the rhizomes when the weather warms up. If the clump becomes tatty with brown tips, it needs to be cut down to about 5cm and fertiliser, such as a general organic fertiliser or 3:1:5, should be applied, from where it will grow back quickly with beautiful fresh leaves and flowers.

Starlight variegated Bumblebee

The leaves are grass like, flat, up to 10mm wide and 750mm long, with a green and white variegation. Multiple lines of variegation run along the entire length of the leaf parallel to the midrib. The Anthericum ‘Starlight’ variegation ranges from white to a golden cream colour, usually depending on the growing conditions. A reversion to the non-variegated form has been observed in less than 0.1% of the plants.

Mass planting of Starlight variegated Anthericum saundersiae
Starlight variegated weeping Anthericum

Anthericum saundersiae is already a highly popular indigenous garden plant in South Africa.

It has been propagated from a single plant by, and will only be available from Leafs Wholesale Nursery and its licensed distributors. (Plant Breeders Rights ZA20145576 Propagation prohibited)


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