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Cuphea hybrid dwarf compact white 'Confetti Carpet'

(Plant Breeders Rights ZA20145453 Propagation prohibited)

Cuphea mexicana hybrid dwarf white spreading compact groundcover

We have great pleasure in releasing this variety of Cuphea mexicana 'alba', Cuphea dwarf white 'Confetti Carpet', that is new to the South African market. It hybridised itself naturally in our nursery and we have been developing and propagating it up to sufficient numbers for the past four years.

Cuphea Confetti Carpet Label

Cuphea hybrid dwarf mexicana compact spreading white groundcover Confetti Carpet

Cuphea Confetti Carpet, as we have called it, only grows to a height of 20 centimetres, so is a true Cuphea compact white. It makes a neat round cushion if it is planted on its own and if planted in mass, grows as a thick carpet of lush green, covered in white flowers. In a suitably warm climate such as South Africa, it will flower for most of the year. It prefers a partially sunny spot, but will get burnt in whole day sun. It must not be allowed to dry out as it may wilt, but neither must it be bogged in clay soil. It should be planted in a well drained medium or well composted soil that is watered regularly or always damp. Obviously feeding it with a fertiliser for flowering plants will boost its health, growth and flowering.

Cuphea hybrid mexicana dwarf spreading white groundcover Confetti Carpet

Cuphea dwarf white puts out new shoots from the base of the plant thereby slowly increasing the width of the plant and filling any gaps between mass planting. It is an excellent choice for gardening and landscaping because it is not invasive nor seasonal, as some creeping groundcovers can be, but neat and permanent, usually flowering all year round.

Cuphea hybrid mexicana dwarf spreading white groundcover 'Confetti Carpet' will only be available from Leafs Nursery and our licensed distributors. (Plant Breeders Rights ZA20145453 Propagation prohibited)


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